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    На диске: 3D Adv/ Игушка из Германии, но на русском/ ДООМ уровни / Игры с эмуляторами на Game Boy, Sega и т.д.

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Sailor Moon (Q)uake Add-on info for it is here.
Sailor Quake Add-on
Sailor Moon Quake Skins For a full description, check here.
Sailor Moon Skins
Sailor Moon Quake Theme 95/98/NT Read about it here
Sailor Moon Quake Theme
THE ACTUAL GAME:DOWNLOAD for WIN'95 (Warning: This file is 9.4MB)
FIXES GAME BUGS:DOWNLOAD for WIN'95 (Warning: This file is 815KB)

Обновлено 30.10.00

То что ниже и много другого вы найдёте здесь

ЭТО ТОЛЬКО ПО SailorMoon!!!

Sailor Moon Genesis Game Final-fight type. An improved version of the first SM Nintendo (Famicom) game.
Sailor Moon Gameboy Game Run around. Talk to people. Fight badguys. Actually not that bad a game.
Sailor Moon R Gameboy Game for SFC Same as above with more stuff.
Sailor Moon Gamegear Game A little bit like the first Super Mario game...?
SM Final Fight type game for SFC Side Scrolling fighting game. Not as good as the SMR version.
French SM Final Fight type game Exactly like the one above, but in French!
Alot easier to read than japanese!
SMR Fighting Game Also a Street Fighter/ Final Fight like game. You can play as Chibi Usa!
SMS Fighting Game for SFC Finally a fighting game where you can play as the outer senshi!
SuperS Fighting Game for SFC Quite a lot like the SMS fighting game above.
SMS Puzzle Game for SFC Tetris-like. Try to get as many blocks at a time as you can.
SMS Puzzle Game TWO! My fav of the puzzle games! Get all three talismans to win. Thanks to Kelly
SuperS Puzzle Game Same as above only more complicated (and of course cuter!)
Sailor Moon: Another Story A Japanese role playing game (Confusing if you don't know the language).
Panic in Nakayoshi Land A puzzle game involving characters from the magazine Nakayoshi.